First Floor vs Ground Floor Extensions

Two of the most common major renovations are ground floor extensions or first floor home additions. Both allow you to greatly expand the amount of space in your home and each offer their own pros and cons. The right choice for you depends on your unique requirements, what kind of space you are working with and what you want to get out of your home expansion.

Creating More Open Space

Ground floor extensions are excellent when you want to create bigger, more open spaces in areas of your home such as having a large, open-plan kitchen and living space. Ground floor extensions are ideal if you have plenty of space on your block that isn’t being fully utilised, and you don’t mind losing some of your outdoor space.


Ground floor extensions are also great for adding more space while keeping the home accessible to people with mobility issues due to advanced age or disability. You can change the layout of your home to better suit your needs or preferences in a variety of ways, whether that’s adding new rooms or creating a beautiful, outdoor patio area that your open plan living space flows out into.

Got a Good View?

First floor additions allow you to capitalise on potential views, especially if you live in a hilly area or near the coast. Enjoy panoramic views from inside or add a balcony for an additional outdoor space to relax in while taking in the surroundings. If you’re considering selling your home in the future, keep in mind that a two-storey home typically has a much higher resale value than single storey with the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Part of that is due to the great views a multi-storey home can offer.

Double Your Space On a Limited Block

When you need more space in your home but don’t have enough room on your block to extend outwards, a first floor addition is your best option. Adding a second storey is doable on most houses and can cost less than most people expect. With a first floor extension, you can essentially double the space in your home and only lose a small amount of ground floor space for the stairs.

Which Option is More Work?

A first floor addition is often easier, contrary to people’s expectations. This is because the ground needs to be prepared. Having the foundations and substructure already in place saves time and money. Costs can add up if significant excavation and/or foundation work is required for a ground floor extension. You can also continue to live in the existing ground floor while the first floor addition is being completed. Most of the project can be done outside using ladders and scaffolding.

Ground Floor Extensions and First Floor Additions in Sydney

Choosing between a ground floor extension or first floor addition comes down to your specific needs or preferences. Both options are great ways to add space and revitalise your home. Get in touch with the leading designers and builders in Sydney at Extend a Home.

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What Our Clients Say

Project: When the house was renovated by Extend a Home, I felt as if we’d doubled our house size.I just felt this was realy the home the would set us up for the next 10 years. The way they designed and built into it, it felt a lot larger, like we got a lot more bang for the buck than we expected we would

Trent & Emma

Project: I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven in this house.I walk in, and it’s a sense of peace ’cause the openness and the light. It’s like people rent a place like this for their summer holidays and I feel like I’m here.


I felt like my dream had come true. This is a house that we can leave our sons with confidence so it was an investment as much as it was a lifestyle change. With renovating and extending,we’ve got more storage, especially the study and the library. As a handyman myself, I was looking for attention to the work they did, the quality of the work, so nothing is too hard and it sort of just ran smoothly

Steve & Jane

When the house was fully renovated, I felt like it was somewhere that I wanted to stay for the rest of my life it really is a friendly home to be proud of, My experience working with Extend a Home was far more pleasant than I ever thought it could be

Michele & Glen

Project: When the house was newly renovated by Extend a Home, we fet so happy, we finally got the property that we’d actually envisaged in our minds and that we always wanted. Its delivered everything that we expected and more

Richard McPartlin

Project: When Extend A Home extended our home I felt that everything was under control while they are managing the project they know what they are doing and I feel that I’m safe in their hands.We needed the space for our relatives that come over and would like to live in this place a bit longer

Wilson & Lisa