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10 Things to Consider Before a Home Renovation

By Extend a Home

Planning your perfect home renovation can be a complex task. Use this pre-renovation checklist to ensure you stay on top of all the key considerations.

1. Know What You Want

Are you renovating to sell or are you transforming your home to better suit your needs? Consider exactly what you want to get out of a renovation. Are you remodelling your kitchen or bathroom? Do you want a ground floor extension or a first floor home addition? Work with a designer to flesh out your home renovation ideas.


2. Assess Your Budget

Ensure you realistically assess your budgets and weigh that against what you want to get out of your home renovation projects. Get a good idea of how much it’s going to cost, get estimates from your builder before making big decisions, and research finance options to ensure the renovation is as cost-effective as possible.


3. Get Different Quotes

Finding the right contractor is essential for ensuring your home renovation is completed cost-effectively and to a high standard. You also want to find someone you get along with. Get a few different quotes from builders and have a chat to them before choosing.


4. Get Advice

Picture all the elements of a room before you start. You want to ensure the layout you have in mind will actually look good. It’s also important to ensure your house can support the work you have in mind. Experienced builders and building inspectors can help with this.


5. Understand Any Restrictions

Ensure you can legally carry out all aspects of your renovation plans before starting the project. Your renovation can be subject to a number of restrictions, such as limitations of height and an inability to remove a tree from the yard.


6. Be Prepared for How Long Council Approvals Take

Council approvals take a long time, ranging from around 42 days in Hobart to approximately 68 days in New South Wales. Ensure your account for this and time your project accordingly.


7. Decide Whether to Live in the House During Works or Not

Depending on the size and scope of your renovation project, you may have to move out during some or all of it. You should plan for this at the beginning of the process so you’re ready to move out if needed.


8. Get the Timing Right

Delays can be costly and frustrating. Try to ensure the whole project is properly planned for by creating and sticking to a strict schedule. Tradespeople often have a full schedule as it is, so a delay in one area can cause further delays.


9. Beware of Unknown Costs

Consider some of the other fees you may have to incur, such as reconnecting the water supply, cleaning out the septic tank, valuation fees, etc. There may also be unknown expenses as the unexpected can occur.


10. Check in Regularly

Make sure you check in regularly, at least once a week, if you won’t be around during the project. If the unexpected happens, it’s important for you to be there to react to it and decide.


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